hi, I run hell.

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teen wolf season 4 spoilers tag: #tws4 spoilers

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I’m so sorry darling, I’m trying to cut down teen wolf and teen wolf cast content on my dash (because that’s currently about 90% of it) but your blog is really pretty so hey, followers, you should totally check it out! :)


Inside the Maze Runner: The guide to the Glade


my second submission for the scilesreversebang 

i sacrificed a bunch of virgins/warriors/healers and got paired with queerly-it-is, who wrote this amazing fic that you need to read asap

i can’t thank dan enough for all the effort he put in or for picking me when there were so many talented artists. it’s been great ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Best of Chris Evans at San Diego Comic Con 2014

Tyler Hoechlin for August Man Malaysia [x]

Tyler Hoechlin for August Man Malaysia [x]

the new maze runner trailer + quotes

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Sleepy Hollow Cast Stair Walk ↔ San Diego Comic Con 2014

Stiles Stilinski + faces in 4x06


Supernatural season 9 gag reel

you know what absolutely kills me?

that douchabag Eichen House worker’s face when he unties the sheets-cord from Meredith’s neck


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