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true alpha scott mccall sexiling derek hale from his own loft


Thomas and Minho in new ‘Runners’ clip


Look, you can have faves who are problematic cause it’s almost impossible for someone to not be problematic because humans make mistakes all the time, but if they continue to fuck up and show blatant disrespect to a group of people and you continue to defend their actions then you are part of the problem.


Here you go. Jensen’s photoshot from Harper’s Bazaar China APP, with no text on it. Enjoy ;)

Dropbox download link here.

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url challenge: heckacutewinchesters

ah, finally

somebody asked what i want for my birthday and i could answer with

We can be just as good without Scott. Okay? I’ve been practicing.

"i think they’re in love with each other." -marc guggenheim

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I got my “fight like a girl" stickers today! :) (and I got "Strawberry Parfait" sticker as a surprise gift!) 

stiles ‘so done with your shit’ stilinski

where be the skittles badges? lol

I will make some this week when I’ll have time [which I don’t rn]

but there are some here and here

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