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songs that remind you of skittles (sciles)?

yes, but have you considered a sterek fic inspired by Florence and the Machine - Stay with me in which they hook up and Derek thinks it was just one-night stand because it’s not possible that Stiles really wants him, come on, Stiles even left before Derek woke up. 

so Derek spends his day moping until Stiles barges in at evening with take out and explanation how the whole universe plotted against him so he couldn’t stay for morning sex and breakfast and then not even making it for lunch sex or dinner sex but he’s here now for any and all kinds of sex and he is not leaving, not ever

i mean: pining!derek


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okay, but, like, a fic where Scott gets cursed and it can only be broken by True Love’s Kiss

and Allison and Kira are glancing at each other awkwardly like, “I dunno, you were his first love?” “But you and him click so well together, you know?”

and Isaac’s rubbing the back of his head, all like, “I mean, I did follow him into certain death when no one else did, just sayin’”

and Derek’s like, “I actually died for him when that happened! I literally died for Scott McCall!”

"Derek, sweetie,you didn’t actually die"

"Well neither did you Erica STFU"

and Boyd’s like, “I literally became a werewolf so I could be like Scott, I mean”

and then Stiles shoves past them all, “BACK THE FUCK UP WE’VE ALL SEEN FROZEN OKAY I GOT THIS


This is so not what you prompted, I’m sorry, CACKLES. But I kind of stumbled upon this and I had to
What the hell is happening to my art style, I don’t know.

Stiles Stilinski & Scott McCall © Teen Wolf arts © me

Hummingbird Cake (x)

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